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Sábado 10:00/14:00 – Sábado tarde cerrado

Opticiens-optométristes in Figueres

Our opticians-optometrists offer you all kinds of services for the care of your visual health, such as:

Refractive Exam Visual control of all types of graduations, binocularity, dominance, accommodation, eye movements, flying flies, cataracts….
Digital examination of the eye structures with slit lamp including state of: cornea, eyelids, iris, lens, conjunctiva, sclera, etc …
Slit lamp, for the detection of eye diseases like styes or conjunctivitis.
Tonometry Intraocular pressure control for the early prevention of glaucoma.
Retinography Examination of the ocular fundus, with medical diagnosis, for the control of: glaucoma, retinopathy, cataracts, fluid in vitreous humor,…

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